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मेरी कहानी बिखर गयी

खोले डाइयरी के कुछ पुराने पन्ने अभी
और मेरी कहानी बिखर गयी

कुछ सपने गिरे कवर के छेद से
जैसे रिहा हुए हों क़ैद से

मिली लाश कुछ वादों की वहाँ
ना जाने कब किए थे खुदसे और कहाँ

कुछ पन्नो बाद वो बे-अदब ‘मैं’ भी निकला
ना डर था जिससे और ना कोई परवाह

बे-अदब ‘मैं’ मुझसे पूछता है
ये यहाँ एक अजीब सा शोर क्यूँ है
तेरी सोच में आगे निकालने की होड़ क्यूँ है
ये क्या तेरी आम सी ज़िंदगी है
ये कौन है तू
ये क्या बन गया है तू

समझ ए बे-अदब
नासमझ है इसीलिए तो हराम है तू
दुनिए के कितने कायदों से अंजान है तू
कुछ सलीखा सीख ले जीने का अब तो
नुस्खे ले कामयाबी के अब तो

किन कायदों की बात करता है तू
किन वादों की बात करता है तू
देख खुद को आईनो मे कभी
क्या था और क्या है अब तू

सुन ओ क़ायदे पढ़ने वाले
सुन ओ सलीखे सिखाने वाले
तू कोई मसखरा तो नहीँ
क्योंकि तू ‘मैं’ तो नहीं हो सकता

कहाँ गयी है मेरी वो बेपरवाही
कहाँ है मेरा वो…

'ठा से' चुप करवाया फिर उसे
कवर, पन्नो और ड्रॉयर में दबाया फिर उसे

बंद किए डाइयरी के कुछ पुराने पन्ने अभी
और मेरी कहानी दफ़्न हुई

Recent posts

Thoda Hindu Main

मंदिर भी मैं, मस्जिद भी मैं
थोड़ा हिंदू मैं और तोड़ा मुस्लिम भी मैं

हूँ शिया मैं, सुन्नी भी हूँ
हूँ ब्राहमीन मैं, शुद्रा भी हूँ.

कुंभ का नगा भी मैं और हज का हाजी भी मैं
क़व्वाल मैं अली का, और फिर नंद का लाल भी तो हूँ.

मथुरा के लाल मे मलांग हूँ मैं
खोज लेना जब खवजा के शहेर में हो.

क्या डालेगा मुझे एक डब्बे में तू,
क्या पहचानेगा मुझे एक ठप्पे में तू
नहीं मिलेगी मेरी पहचान एक ज़ात मे यू
मैं तो दिन हूँ और फिर रात भी तो हूँ.

Jordan by Ishan Mathur

Greetings Everyone,
It’s been a while since I had last written anything about anything. Gladly, I was busy with my upcoming novel, which has been a great project.
Now my idea has been to present something extraordinary. Firstly, it’s not a love story. Pheeew. I know a lot of there are out there.
Jordan is something else. Surprisingly, I really don’t have any words on it. So I’ll just share the cover picture here and keep you all posted on its availability in India and all other countries.
Keep the love coming till then. Need it.

Also I'll be writing on Snapwryt from now on.
Take CareIshan Mathur

Mom You’ll Always Be Around

‘Moving’-A small six letter word but evokes a dozen different emotions, and all at once. It brings the excitement of going to a new place, the fun of meeting new people, it also has the curiosity of learning new things and somewhere it has the pain of leaving things behind. Things that you have known for long enough and some people who just don’t seem to get out of the head. It’s difficult to say for all but for a majority, we never grow big enough, mature enough not to miss mom. In fact in a new country, she’s the one who can help beat the blues and get along with the people. From the universal mom’s diary, following 5 lessons may be handy in settling at a new place.
Listen from your heart
Expectations of the boyfriend, attitude of co-workers, weather, money, the lady residing down the road, the black dog, crops this year and god knows what, we all have something to say about everything. Most of us want to be listened or more importantly to be understood. It doesn’t matter where you a…

Scribble 5

Why there are voices in my headContrasting to what I get Grow up, grow they sayYou have to find your wayIf you haven’t started yetHow far will you getWhat if you reach nowhere?What if you are too late to be there?
The voices are just too smartI don’t think they even have a heartThey say these are the ways of worldYou have to run run and runThey command not to look backThey insist it’s just too darkThey say there is a lot to fearI say I don’t care
I tell them that I can see mum back thereThey ask how will she get hereMirages are not for realShut the fuck up and get over the ordeal
I sigh that I have no oneThey question the need for someoneThey insist it’s not a usual journeyIt’s over friends, family, luxuries and money
I whisper am I madI ask if I am madI shout if I am madI scream if I am madBut the voices just don’t come back

Scribble 3

I am in slippers, I am in shorts
Who cares I am with friends
People are laughing looking at us
Who cares I am with friends
I don't have to do my hair
I don't need to need to impress
I am laughing like an idiot
I am drunk like hell
I don't feel scared anymore
I have to pretend no moreSome idiot thinks I am useless?
Who cares I am with friends
My ex didn't look back
Who cares I am with friends
I eat, drink, buy, text, walk, think, talk and breathe the way I want
Don't bother me I am with friends

Some Diary

Dear Page No. 79
I certainly don’t know you and I don’t know whether you like me or not but the fact is that I have spent too much time looking around for people who would listen to me. Listen to me not because they think I am losing it, listen to me not because they owe me something or listen to me not because they think I need to let it out. I just want someone to listen just to know what I feel like inside.
You seem like the only guy who would listen to me without asking questions, without telling what should I do and how I can get over this. 79 have you ever been in love? Haha what a silly question. What would you love? Page number 78 or the printed lines or maybe you can fall in love with this ink. Let me suggest you something, don’t ever do that.
You know the best part of talking to you 79? You won’t even ask me why and you won’t tell my secrets to anyone too. Will you? You know 79; it has been over 7 years since I last saw her. You know those rains? The water coming from skies, ha…